Tree Service for Storm Damage Prevention

Dealing with harsh weather conditions can be inevitable and unpredictable since no one can foresee how the events would turn out. However, with the help of technology, weather forecasters can now give predictions to the public about the aforesaid condition.

Hurricane, for instance, can somehow be predictable, allowing the public to prepare days prior to the estimated time when the storm might invade certain locations. A recent hurricane named Dorian almost wreaked havoc in Savannah, Georgia that led people to evacuate from their homes and stay in evacuation centers to ensure safety.

Apart from evacuation centers, there are several means to keep the people in Savannah prepared and away from possible objects that might cause harm. If you’re from the area, then here are some of the preparations you want to consider to prevent storm damage as much as possible including tree services to protect your home from falling trees.

1. Tree Service

Having a huge tree in your landscape can be invigorating, but it can also impose potential threat bad storms invade the area. Improper pruning of a tree can weaken its stand, causing it to collapse. It’s relatively safe to have it inspected first before taking action, regardless where it stands for assurance.

A tree removal Savannah GA, for example, can be of great help if you’re confused on what to do with your tree in preparation for storms. Another helpful method you can apply is bracing your tree with 2x4s and metal strapping. Make sure to install the materials properly so the brace can precisely hold your tree against strong winds.

2. Window Preparation

Regardless of how your window complements well with the overall architectural structure of your house, it’s still prone to breakage during hurricanes. The shards from your broken window can cause injuries; hence, it’s always safe to practice protection prior to the storm damage.

That being said, there are ways on how to avoid unwanted accidents due to the breakage of your glass windows from occurring. If you’re living in a hurricane-prone area, it’s best to install high-impact glass to resist the strong wind caused by the storm.

Another suggestion would be placing a metal, plastic, or plywood cover for your window. Make sure to measure the dimension of your window for it to fit perfectly well.


Storms are unavoidable weather conditions that can occur in any place at any time, depending on its movements. In Savannah, Georgia, tree preparation services are a key step to limit damage to property and infrastructure including powerlines. Before evacuating, make sure your home is protected from limbs or weakened trees. By investing in tree service, you can help prevent storm damage that ruins homes, cars, and cause power outages.