Top 5 Types of Wood for Deck Building

Using wood when decking brings a handful of benefits. It initially costs less than using composite hardwood or vinyl and lasts solid years of outdoor exposure when it is installed and maintained properly.

However, not all hardwoods are ideal for decking; some may not be able to withstand harsh weather conditions or resist bug and pest infestation.

The good thing is this article is it provides you a list of the top premium woods that is exceptional for deck building.

1. Cedar

Cedar is the perfect type of wood to use for building an outdoor deck that will be exposed to rain, cold, heat, and sun. This wood is renowned for having excellent resilience to decay, infestation, and harsh weather conditions. Additionally, using cedar when building your deck could save you significant costs for maintenance since it is an extremely durable type of wood that will last years. If you’re hiring a deck builder Richmond, VA, you’ll find that cedar decks are the most common choice use in that region. In fact, Cedar is the most popular wood used for decking in the United States.

2. Redwood

Redwood is considered one of the top premium wood for deck building due to its proven durability and dependability. Aside from being extremely easy to work with, redwood is also known for being resistant to insect infestation, which is one of the top damaging factors to decks.  Redwood is also strong enough to avoid splitting and warping.

Another great reason why it is one of the top wood choices among professional builders is its easy and occasional maintenance requirement. Redwood will maintain its beauty through the wear and tear of the solid years of outdoor exposure.

3. Mahogany

Mahogany is a tropical hardwood that is resilient to rot and pest infestation. When treated with marine oil, mahogany will look like teak which makes it even more aesthetically pleasing. When this wood ages, its color will turn into a silvery hue.

Moreover, when using mahogany, make sure to only buy ones that have an “FSC” trademark to ensure that the wood was not illegally or irresponsibly harvested.

4. Tigerwood

This South American hardwood offers excellent visual variation. Tigerwood’s grain and coloring vary from board to board which makes it interesting and visually satisfying.

However, due to its uncertain nature; sometimes one board possesses both softness and hardness, some builders find it difficult to work with. Despite that, this wood is still among the top choices among homeowners and deck installers due to its exceptional features.

5. Ipé

Ipé is a first-rate South American wood renowned for its exceptional resistance to rot and bug. This hardwood is also very strong and hard that it is almost as difficult to burn just like concrete. Although it can be hard to work with due to its hefty and dense properties, it is still considered as one of the finest types of wood for decking due to its unmatched durability.

Furthermore, when used with slate accents and stones, this wood brings an elegant presentation when used for deck building.


There you go – those are the top 5  types of wood for deck building that you need to check out. Moreover, aside from selecting the best wood, you must also look for a well-reputable deck installer. Do your research or type in “trusted deck builder near me” on Google and thoroughly evaluate each service provider you found.